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[DE] City map

Have a look at this map to park your car :


In the white zone (white lines on the ground), you can park free of charge, and stay in the same space continuously for up to 7 consecutive days.

This is the best solution if you plan to park for half a day or a full day.


In the blue zone (blue lines on the ground), you can also park free of charge, but only for a limited period. The period is shown on a parking disc.

Parking spaces in the blue zone are located close to the shops and services.

This is the ideal solution for short-stay parking.


There are 3 rules to be complied with in the blue zone:

  • Put your parking disc in an easily visible spot inside the vehicle;
  • Comply with the autorized parking period;
  • Move to another street or car park at the end of each parking period.